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Welcome to the Pediatric Emergency Research Networks (PERN) Website.

PERN is an association of pediatric emergency medicine research networks. This association enables dialogue between member networks and collaboration between large numbers of researchers and investigative sites across the world. Such a collaboration brings unique opportunities to answer globally relevant research questions via large collaborative research studies that can only be performed in the international context with large numbers of children assessed in diverse environments.

Currently, PERN consists of representatives from 5 of the 6 World Health Organization regions. We encourage and support involvement and/or initiation of similar networks from the remaining regions of Africa, Eastern Mediterranean and Asia. Such global collaboration will result in appropriately powered and generalizable knowledge concerning the emergency treatment of children.

Stuart Dalziel, Starship Children's Hospital.  Chair, PERN



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  PERN COVID-19 Study Protocol begins April 2020!

The PERN COVID-19 Study led by Dr Stephen Freedman (Alberta Children's), Dr Nate Kuppermann (UC Davis), and Dr Todd Florin (Lurie Children's) is starting very shortly in response to the SARS-CoV-2 Pandemic. We are using the existing infrastructure through the PERN Pneumonia Study to expand to this particular infection. Stay tuned!

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  Introducing RIDEPLA, the Pediatric Emergency Research Network for South America!

We're pleased to welcome RIDEPLA (Red de Investigacion y Desarollo de la Emergencia Pediatrica Latinoamerica) to the Pediatric Emergency Research Networks! Bienvenidos!

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  An Interview with the former PERN Chair, Dr Nathan Kuppermann

Dr Kuppermann discusses the origins of the Pediatric Emergency Research Network (PERN), its early successes and challenges, and what he had envisioned for PERN and pediatric emergency research.

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  PERN at Pediatric Academic Societies Sunday, May 7th 2pm EDT Intercontinental Hotel Ontario Room

Hi all! The General Meeting for PERN will be held during Pediatric Academic Societies, May 7th 2:00pm EDT at the Intercontinental Hotel Toronto, ONTARIO ROOM

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